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We work side by side with our Partner ISOJET EQUIPEMENTS, S.A.R.L. from France to provide you with solutions for your Liquid Composite Moulding, Bonding, Encapsulations, RIM, Moulding/Casting. Moreover, we do not want just to provide Hardware to you, we wish to introduce your company in the age of Data Science, Predictions toward total quality achievement by continuous development of Smart Processes by implementation of sensing and data collection, so that you can have your process data well organized to implement Machine Learning Models and get out Predictions and Causal Inferences. This has the enormous value to make your organization to travel not just to "Digitizing", but to "Digitalizing" allowing you to change your business model and be an optimized company.



Injection RTM, Infusion / VARTM, Light RTM, RIM, ...

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Injection molding (RTM) involves injecting a liquid resin, charged or not, into the closed cavity of a mold and a counter mold previously filled with dry reinforcements. It is an out of autoclave (OoA) process and usually the mould and counter mould are self-heated, with this process it is possible to obtain two sides superbly finished parts as well as with tight manufacturing tolerances. It combines parameters like pressure, temperature, time, speed of injection to allow the combination of resin and reinforcement and the curing of the part.

lnfusion molding (RLI) is an under Vacuum Process as well OoA) is an old process with a tremendous evolution in the last 20 years. It involves under vacuum injection of a low viscosity resin into a stack of fabrics (glass, carbon ... ) . The assembly is placed under vacuum by a flexible membrane in a mold. Then vacuum is applied to compact the reinforcement, after that a resin is by suction by the vacuum, and it migrates through the reinforcement stacking until the part is completely impregnated. At the end, the join of resin and reinforcement is kept under vacuum and temperature (can be room or higher) to carry on the so-called curing process which is essential for a getting a good part.

There are many variants of both main processes, and we supply solutions for both adapting to your needs. Let us know your application!


Bonding / Sealing, Encapsulation, Casting under vacuum, ...

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Bonding/Sealing: The important progress made in the field of adhesives (generic term used for adhesives, sealants, and coatings) allows the assembly of all types of materials. Pasting has been used recursively for many years in the engine industry, vehicles, trains, airplanes, and many other industries. Bonding is an industry of high technological complexity. To obtain a perfect result by depositing an exact amount of adhesive, a mixing machine of the components A and B is necessary and of dosage and application that can process products of high viscosity. It can be supplied mixing and injection systems for bonding and sealing. We can deliver fully automated systems, with 6 degree of freedom, as per your needs.

Encapsulation: Is a coating process that protects a component, an electronic card or an electronic assembly against shocks and vibrations, but also against environmental aggressions (thermal shocks, humidity, chemical aggressions, salinity...). The most widely used materials are polyurethanes, epoxy and/or silicones. It can be supplied dosing and injection systems for encapsulation and coating.

Casting/Moulding: The molding process is a duplicating technique used to make limited series of functional parts, since it allows the precise reproduction of a part using an open silicone mold or an open light metal alloy mold.

The materials used are polyurethanes, silicones, etc... For repeatability and homogeneous production is essential a mixing and dosing especially when the resin components have a short life in pot.  It can be supplied mixing and dosing systems for molding and casting.

There are many variants of both main processes, and we supply solutions for both adapting to your needs. Let us know your application!

Example of parts made with ISOJET systems: 

  • Rudder Hinge Fittings (RTM)

  • Elevator Hinge Fittings (RTM)

  • Corner Fittings (RTM)

  • Lower Rib Flanges (RTM

  • Junction Angles (RTM)

  • Wing Access Panels (RFI)

  • Flap Track Beam Sidewalls (MVI)

  • Center Wing Box (LRI-RTM)

  • Fuselage (LRI)

  • Pressure Bulkhead (RFI)

  • Vertical Tail Plane (RTM)

  • C-Ribs (MVI)

  • Cargo Door (RFI)

  • Landing Gear Door (RFI)

  • Parts of Raytheon Premier (RTM)

  • Landing Gear Strut (RTM)

  • Seat Structure (RTM)

  • Wing Skins (RFI)

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