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"In the context companies will be moving in the years to come, the research and development will be a key element no matter the size of the company. Setting the right strategy to allow SME's creativity to become innovation, to become something someone wants to pay for, will be the essential axis together with the use of all the power of the Digital Transformation" - Angel Lagraña, Graduated of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with MIT Fire Hydrant Award, Principal Advisor


To achieve innovation, it is essential to establish an open mind set up which will involve:

  • Identifying the real problem to solve

  • Scatter ideas around how to solve the problem

  • Narrowing to best identified solution

  • Carry on implementation and follow up of solution

This approach also requieres that roles are not specifically in agreement with hierarchical definition in the company. For instance, who led the innovation not necessarily has to be a manager.

We can help you to:

  1. Set up and participate in this creative ambience and transform it into pool of ideas for which your company can control the solution.

  2. Find the partners, if you cannot develop by yourself the overall solution, for instance limited resources of a SME or simply need to define new partners.

  3. Identify with you the right partners for your innovation trip.

  4. Find best solutions for getting the monetary support, when idea and partnership are defined, through grants or financial mechanisms.

  5. Define a multi-submission scheme.

  6. Prepare for you, and with you, the technical dossier to apply for funding or financing.

  7. Follow up closely to focus on objectives, when a proposal become a project. This is basic to convert the creativity of your company into innovation

Come on to the fascinating world of creating innovations for the well-being of the whole society meanwhile improving your business rate!!

Some statistics on our experience to guide the Research and Innovation:

  • In the last 14 years we helped more one hundred partners match together to carry on R&D towards innovation.

  • We found funding for sixty projects.

  • Total aggregated funding was around thirty million euros.

  • The main subjects turn around: Composites, Automation, Robotics, Recycling, Hydrogen Energy, Additive Manufacturing and more.

  • Main sectors are in Mobility

  • We work with multicultural, multidisciplinary project in 90% of the cases

We are ready to get your idea on work!

Our Credentials for Leading the Research and Innovation Strategy:

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