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We work side by side with each of our partners and we coordinate them to provide you with solutions for your Composite Applications. Thus, it is why we are open to answer to your challenges, just let us know what you need, and we team up our partners to build your curiosity on our proposals.
Moreover, we do not want just to provide Hardware to you, we wish to introduce your company in the age of Data Science, Predictions toward total quality achievement by continuous development of Smart Processes by implementation of sensing and data collection, so that you can have your process data well organized to implement Machine Learning Models and get out Predictions and Causal Inferences.
We do not stop there because digitizing your processes are particularly good for operational improvement, but you do not change your business models, for this we want with you use the Digitizing to go toward Digitalizing giving you the wide view on how to develop new business models. This has the tremendous value to make your company stronger, even in complex situations like sometimes the world could come in (In example: COVID-19).


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Compression Moulding and Induction Welding

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

You do not know enough about compression molding and induction welding of thermoplastics and need helpWith our partners we can help you from A-to-Z prior you decide the adoption of the technology.  We can help in and extremely flexible way from design and simulation of process, for your materials, to testing to carry on experimental validation. 

Moreover, since data is more than ever the "new gold" we always propose a data collection setup to ensure the data science of your process start from the very beginning, from the moment of prototype developments. You will be able to hava datasets for you prediction models, correlations studies and causal inferences determination. "Optimization" is the only tool toward "Zero Defect", we know it that is why we help on this with data, from the very beginning, for all compression molding process variants and Induction Welding joining technologies. We can do it for both thermoplastics and thermosets composites, thanks to our partner's patent which allows to weld thermoset.

There are many variants of both main processes, and we supply R&D process development solutions for both adapting to your needs. Let us know your application!


 AFP thermoplastic in-situ consolidation and combination with VBO

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

AFP stands for Automated Fiber Placement and VBO for Vacuum Bagging and Oven. For the AFP we can propose developments, especially for thermoplastic applications in which we can carry on multi-material in-situ consolidation. As well we can combine with VBO depending on the application and part characteristics. Again, we go from A-to-Z in the development cycle in a twin approach as for compression molding. 

Thanks to the use of a highly automated process, we can extract extremely useful data which, conveniently treated become vital information for modelling, predictions, correlations, and causal inferences, when trying to identify the ke parameters on which to act, for instance which machine learning models towards on-the-fly control models.


Again "Optimization" is the only tool toward "Zero Defect" and to do so "information" is a vital ingredient which can only be provided by data collection.

There are many variants of both main processes, and we supply R&D process development solutions for both adapting to your needs. Let us know your application!


 Out of Autoclave Liquid Composite Moulding 

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Beside thermoplastics, the liquid composite molding technologies, such as RTM and Infusion, have become frequent processes in any sectors where efficiency, complex shapes, cost reductions are sought, over the traditional autoclave processes.


Thanks to the combination of capabilities, we have with our partners, we can be a one stop shop for the development of a process for a geometry/material/application. From designing and providing the needed tooling, whether this is in additive, metal, composite, or silicone. Toward the design and supply of ready to inject preforms, and the use of the state-of-the-art injection/infusion machines, full of sensors to allow a giant data collection to meet the data science needs of your company.

We do not want just to help you by providing the "steel and materials for your process", we want to provide you "the data through the steel and materials of your process"


This approach will ensure you the carry-on of all the way down toward "knowing your process", knowing the "optimization steps", thus flaying toward "Zero Defect". We will hear you and adapt a solution for your development needs!​

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