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Through partnership with CETMA from Italy we worked together in the maturation of Continuous Compression Moulding of Thermoplastic Composites as a technique for producing long thermoplastic composite parts. One could say in a continuous way. The technology outstands as one amazingly effective automated one, providing time saving and cost optimization, when long repetitive parts need to be done and then cut to a required length.
Whether you need to develop from scrap or start a serial production qualification, we can provide a solution for you. We adapt to be you partner all the way from application development to supply of the hardware systems with full data processing for your data science implementation toward continuous improvement. We understand cost and processes optimization can only be achieved with data and predictions so we will always link hardware to data, as our motto says. By doing so we want you to be more competitive through decision making driven by data.


Induction Welding


The Technology:
 Composite Continuous Compression Moulding (CCCM)

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Continuous Moulding of thermoplastic composite profiles is a technology for which flat or shaped profiles can be produced which can then be finished to be used as such or can be cut to different lengths and finished to be used in an assembly of parts. Since the consolidation of the thermoplastic material is produced insude the tool, no further steps are required and for this reason it is a fast and, in the end, a very cost-effective process, even considering the CAPEX need to acquire the equipment. As soon as the production rate is ensured and the part consumption as well, the process effectiveness is undoubtfully. With the process it can be used from technical polymers to advanced thermoplastics such as PPS, PAEK, PEEK, PEKK. With our partners we have participated in emblematic Research projects which allowed to develop deep knowledge to implement CCCM systems as well as to test the feasibility of a specific application. We can go from process development advisory to part development, industrialization, and supply of the hardware solution for serial production.

Contact us with your needs and let's find the best solutions!

Example of Continuous Compression Moulding Parts

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