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Since 1892 our partner SHIKIBO, from Japan, has been providing solutions in the textile industry. With the advancement of composite technologies, the company has evolved and developed beyond state-of-the-art automated technology to manufacture and supply overly complex preform. We join their philosophy in which being in different market niche for part manufacturing companies is difficult and costly if each market needs specific automated technology to manufacture effectively the preforms (think about engines, wings, frames, windows, etc.). Many automated lines would need to be implemented. Instead, we offer with our partner the possibility to supply R+D and serial production preforms cost effectively manufactured by automated proprietary technology. We do not stop there, conscients of the new age of data science we can work side by side with you to integrate sensors which can deliver information during different processes steps. We aim ot work on "smart preform systems". This has the tremendous value, in the end, to make your process travel toward Zero Defect.


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Process: Automated Dry Fiber Arrangement - ZIPLUS
Results: It delivers extraordinarily complex 3D accurate tooling and parts shape

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Direct process from Unidirectional dry fibers to a Final Form. Our partner has been concentrating on the development of the textile preforms for
composite components for about 20 years, so they have the unique textile preform technologies. Shikibo can provide the solutions preform to meet your requests. 

Reducing the number of preforming operations in resin molding and infusion (RTM/LRI) processes is key for cost reduction. The unique process from Shikibo, is a direct from fiber to preform manufacturing method to produce the final whished near net shape from the unidirectional dry fibers. It involves only two processes, dry fiber placement and assembly to the final form. It is much easier and quicker than other conventional weaving or braiding processes.

ZIPLUS eliminates the cutting and stack stages and minimizes the loss of raw material. In-plane fibers can be arranged in any direction along the principal structure pattern without cutting fibers. Preforms can be manufactured in several shapes such as curved beams, tapered cylinders, or hemispherical structures. As well, any cross sections such as L, U, Z shapes and T or I shaped long curved beams, of typical use for primary aircraft structures can be made.

Dry Fiber Arrangement technology allows: Z directional fiber reinforcement processes (Zanchor™, stitching, Z pinning, bundle/filament insertion), single bundle alignment and 3D orthogonal woven preforms even with ceramic fibers. The Zanchor process is a novel through-thickness reinforcement technique in which in-plane yarns are entangled with each other using special needles. There are many proven benefits to this process such as:

  • Improvement of fracture toughness, higher resistance to delaminations

  • Higher impact damage resistance

  • Increase CAI strength

  • Dramatically increases the permeability of the entangled fiber structure

Using stitching and Z-pinning to manufacture through thickness reinforced composites enables increased interlaminar strength with minimal effects on in-plane properties. However, Zanchor™ provides greater benefits at reduced manufacturing costs, beyond the limitations of conventional weaving or braiding techniques used for 3D composites.

The technology works also for complex shape preform made by ceramic fiber applicable to CMC parts, such as at high-temperature engine parts.

Examples of parts made with SHIKIBO's preforms technology

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...


  • Large complex aircraft structural composite parts

  • Large complex space structural composite parts

  • Engine fan blades

  • C Frames

  • Engine high-temperature ceramic components

  • Many more ...

It is an extraordinary technology when you must do large and/or complex parts and have controlled shapes of your preform. Contact Us. !

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