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In the molding of composite parts, tooling is one essential component many times undervalued. Imaging making a cake with a wrong baking mold. What shape will come out? In composite manufacturing it is the same question mold and material interactions during the processing are essential part of the steps for obtaining total quality parts, whatever is the stage of composite manufacturing always there will be a tool and this tool need to be as good as the part you want to fabricate. Again, here we do not want to provide you with just hardware, we wish you to have more information on your process to allow continuos improvement for this we work hard with our partners to deliver "tooling systems", this means embedding in the tool self-heating capabilities, resin curing checking, as well as other main parameters monitoring. You will get the Data to carry on your data Science out of the process, this opens you the door for a full set of predictions, optimizations, and casual inferences determinations. We work side by side with our Partner CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES (CORIMATEC) from France to deliver you "smart tooling systems". This has the giant value to make your organization to travel not just to "Digitizing", but to "Digitalizing" allowing you to change your business model and be an optimized company.




 Additive Manufacturing Electroforming Materials: Nickel and Cooper
It delivers extraordinarily complex 3D accurate tooling and parts shape

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Additive Lay-up molds are made up of a hard metal nickel skin and then assembled onto a steel frame. This delivers an extremely durable tool which allows a higher volume of production when compared to composite molds. The tools allow for the manufacture of products with perfect surface detail throughout the lifetime of the tool. Tool has an outstanding performance operating at temperatures as high as 250 ° C.

For the manufacturing of a mold, it is necessary to machine a polyurethane master model, which is used as either the master model or bath model. The nickel deposition takes place at a rate of 0,001 mm/hour. The model will be frequently taken out of the Nickel tank to measure the deposit and if necessary, adjust the shields and anodes to obtain an even nickel thickness. The flexibility of a 4 to 6 mm nickel shell allows the shape to be dimensionally adjusted which, in some cases, is necessary to compensate for part springback.

Self-heated technologies are possible!


  • Adjusting of the tool to compensate for springback

  • Excellent heat conductivity

  • Surface hardness of 15 to 40 HRC

  • Low-weight tools

  • Resistant to corrosion and minor abrasion

It is an extraordinary technology and unbeatable when you must do large parts by infusion or autoclave. Contact Us. !


Process: Autoclave/Oven/Infusion, ... Materials: Carbon or Glass fibers, Resins
Results: It delivers complex 3D accurate tooling with low thermal expansion

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

Tools are made up of a composite skin (glass fiber / carbon fiber) and mounted on a steel frame with adjustable connections or on a monolithic back structure made up of glass fiber or carbon fiber.

Our partner is a specialist in the manufacturing of composite tools with tight dimensional and precise complex geometrical shapes. These tools are made from low-cost 5-axis machined masters wich enable cost-effective duplications. These tools can be used at a temperature of up to 190°C (+/-5°).

Self-heated tools available


  • Low coefficient of expansion

  • Low thermal mass

  • Light weight

  • Overly complex shape can be manufactured

  • Combination of toughness and strong mechanical performances

  • Truly short manufacturing process


It is an extraordinary technology when you must do large parts and have controlled dilatation of your tool. Contact Us. !


RTM, Infusion, Oven, Autoclave, Press Materials: Silicone, Mosites

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

With over 40 years of experience in the use of silicone our partner manufactures highly technical silicone tools and parts which requires strong skills and knowledge.


  • Re-usable vacuum bag (RVB) used for the compaction and curing of composite parts.

  • Silicone pressure bag (bladder)​ used for the manufacture of composite hollow components.

  • Caulplate (100% made of silicone or mixed: composite & silicone) used to conform the composite parts while curing to improve their quality.

  • Silicone parts by fast casting or liquid injection

  • It can be a self-heated bladder or membrane!


  • Cost saving

  • Higher productivity

  • Reliability

  • Easy to use

It is an extraordinary technology when you must do hollowed parts and you want to progress out of the state of the art by using reusable embranes in you autoclavle of infusion process. Contact Us. !


Autoclave, Infusion, ... Materials: Composite, Mosites, Metal

Sectors: Aeronautic, Space, Automotive, Naval, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Systems, ...

The Caulplates are used for the forming of composite parts, particularly monolithic areas with core structure, during curing, to improve the quality of the pieces.

It can be manufactured Caulplates of prepreg in carbon and glass, as well metallic ones, and mixed composite/silicones.

We offer all solutions materials, this means Cualplates made in:

  • Additively manufactured metal

  • Composite 

  • Silicone and rubber

  • Self-heated Caulplates

Tell us your need we develop solutions for your needs. Contact us!

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