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Advise and Supply of Advanced Composite and Data Science Techs Solutions

"Welcome...! If you work in composite and look for hardware and steel, you are now in a right place. But if you also look for the data through it, then you cannot be in a better place. For this our motto is HARDWARE ETIAM, SED NOTITIA ET PRAEDICTIONES (Hardware yes, with data and predictions). Enjoy our website and contact us!" Angel Lagraña, Professional Graduate Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Fire Hydrant Award, Principal Advisor at Advantech Advisory


“Throughout the experience of 30 years of providing equipment's and R&D solutions to industry, one of the sympathetic things is that on an average we have made 100.000 km per year to meet partners, customers, events, conferences and so forth. In the last 15 years our work took us to the four corners of the word from Europe to South America, North America, and Asia. The wonderful thing behind it is, the so much learnt, culturally and technologically.
The learning continues as we are convinced that, more than ever, it is needed to carry on Lifelong Learning. Meanwhile, we continue the exciting road of helping our customers and partners to match manufacturing processes with technological advances of Digitizing and Digitalizing to go for a real World of Optimization. We will not stop to transmit to you about new benefits of the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of any manufacturing process, starting for those we love such as Composite Manufacturing.

Join us, we will provide you:

  • Equipment solutions

  • Equipment solutions + Data

  • Equipment solutions + Data + Predictions & Causal Inferences

  • Equipment solutions + Data + Predictions & Causal Inferences + Improvement through R&D

  • Equipment solutions + Data + Predictions & Causal Inferences + Improvement through R&D + Exploration of Applicability of Quantum Computing

It is an endless World of Solutions to increase your competitiveness in a scenario that has become extraordinarily complex for Company Managers and Technical Leaders. The equation is now extremely difficult to solve

Competitiveness = Manufacturing knowledge + Business knowledge + Company strategy function of (Enhanced information + Overall efficiency + Digital transformation + Smart manufacturing 4.0 + Sustainability policies + R&D policies)

Enjoy the trip by our website and call us, we work worldwide with our partners to help you increase your competitiveness, whether you are a big organization, a SME, or an entrepreneur"

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fire hydrant MIT.jpg

“The experience of studying at MIT is like drinking from a fire hydrant”

Jerome Wiesner, President of MIT (1971-1980)

Angel Lagraña, Principal Advisor at ADVANTECH Advisory

I started my journey as an Electrical-Electronic Engineer, soon I complemented with Telecommunications degree and then, materials crossed my life, so I went to Bioengineering Master specialization, as well as MBA. The professional life took me, during many years, to materials characterization so I had the chance to know many manufacturing processes and definition of tests equipment and test standards. This gave me a broad view of many applications. I have been always a mix of a technically solid innovative, plus market opportunities development fellow.

During the last 12 years I have been involved in more than one hundred Research and Technology projects in aviation, coordinating many of them, as professionally managing the portfolio. Both, in national and international, framework.

Thanks teams hard work, great technological developments have been achieved in fields such as: OPEN ROTOR engine rotating components development in composite and metal; LEAP engine thermoplastic parts feasibility development; BLADE natural laminar flow wing A/C assembly, Advanced thermoset (SQRTM, Smart Infusion,…) and thermoplastic (Continuous Compression Moulding, Induction Welding, AFP in situ consolidation,…) technologies development; Process automation by industrial robotics, collaborative robotics and automated guided vehicles; among other technologies.

In the age of Digital Transformation, and Clean Energy, I decided that it was time to get new knowledge, so I enrolled at MIT (see certification in other pages) to discover and acquire strong Digital Transformation and Leadership in Innovation skills, I was awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in Boston with Fire Hydrant Awards which makes me enormously proud. As well I enrolled to achieve a Renewable/Hydrogen Energy Expert Certificate (See certificates in other pages) at the European Energy Institute located in Edinburgh.

So now we are ready to help you to make the interesting transition such as linking manufacturing with Digital Transformation, with new Energy sources with stronger Innovation Roadmaps. 

MIT Fire Hydrant Award Values: "Excellence; Meritocracy; Courage; Modesty; Curiosity; Passion for solving difficult problems; A strong desire to do good in society"



As the technologies progress we also continue our evolution to keep the opportunity to bring the best value to our customers and partners. For this reason, we focus our advising and consultancy in how to transform processes into information as a tool for better decision making, pointing toward zero defect and increase of competitiveness. Today, more than ever, this pass by the implementation of the right pathway in digitizing and digitalizing, both streams are necessary and mandatory if competitiveness wants to be maximized. On top of this, implementing automation and digital technologies needs a collaborative roadmap, therefore we use our experience of more than 12 years in coordinating Research and Development projects to help you and your team in designing the right innovation path.
To complement our offer of solutions we focus the activities on what is related to composites use, whether this is in a mobility market or energy systems.
We can advise you on setting a Digital Transformation roadmap specific for manufacturing industries, as well as the right R&D structure and strategy to achieve it

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Transformation is a big word combination and more complex of one goes to implementation. There is a vast number of tools already developed which adaptad to every situation and allows any process to be monitored getting the right data to implement Predictions and Optimizations, we can help you to match hardware with the "new" philosophy of "All Digital" which will mark the threshold for competitiveness.

R + D + Innovation Strategy

Carrying out innovative technologies requieres, in most cases, finding right partners that complement the product or process ones wants to develop and the level of risk needs to be leveraged with funding opportunities we can help to find the right partners, to develop your innovation in a collaborative way. Our solutions partners join us in this philosophy to bring value from research toward market and revenue.

Energy Transition Pathway

The so-called new energy vectores were used from long ago. For instance, Hydrogen has been used to produce amonio for agricultural uses. Challenge now is to make "all green" and "efficient enough" to be "cost-effective. The three can only be achieved if innovative materials and technologies are developed, including digital ones, such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, etc. All neeed to be linked for a sustainable energy system.



Start working in Composite testing


Start working on composite R&D projects


Partnering with  top SME and RTO Centers to deliver solutions


Add  on Digital Transformation and Energy Systems

Through the years we have succeeded to develop the project idea, build the consortium, write the project proposal, and won about one hundred project (22 in the CLEANSKY program) coordinating after the execution to ensure project's "Outcomes and Deliverables within Budget"



150 rotating parts for Open Rotor Engine


All tooling to assemble Laminar Flow Wing

Sensors placed in mould and data adquisition.JPG
combined brace.png

Data Science with sensors everywhere


We coordinated entities to deliver around 150 parts to the SGE 2 ITD led by SAFRAN in the EU program CLEANSKY for the implementation of a Ground Test Engine based in Open Rotor Technologie. The parts involved rotating assemblies made in metal, composite, and additive and passed more than one hundred hours of ground test. It involved from concept development to manufacturing and delivery to the assembly site of SAFRAN.


We worked closely in a wide European consortium, led by AIRBUS, in the context of CLEASKY program, for the implementation of a Natural Laminar flow wing and its assembly on a test bed aircraft to carry an intensive flight test campaign to prove the benefits of laminar flow in the reduction of drag, thus fuel consumption. We coordinated the design and delivery of all wing assembly on aircraft tooling. The NLF technology is a promising brick to save fuel.


We worked with Our Partner ISOJET in the context of CLEANSKY 2 program of European Union to provide an injection machine with new data collections configuration to a main project led by GKN Aerostructures. The target was to start the travel toward data science of the RTM process. The sue of resin arrival and curing sensors was the first setp to test it a flat coupon levels and start to understand the big added value of process sensoring generalization.


Fully Welded, no rivets, Keel Beam Demostrador

welded dewtecomp.jpg

Fully Welded Door Frame for fuselage Demonstrador


Smart Process Control with self-heating infusion tool


In the context of CLEANSKY 2 program, with our partner CETMA, we worked to develop a  demonstrador of a Keel beam structure fully made in advanced thermoplastic composite and assembled without any rivet, but by using patented Induction Welding technology. The project was led by AIRBUS in the context of a wider research in the CLEANSKY 2 EU funded program.


With our partner CETMA we are working to deliver a fully welded doorframe structure, previously made in thermoplastic composites. the project is inserted in a wider framework of AERNNOVA to deliver several solutions to the integral demonstration of fuselage led by AIRBUS. All is funded in the context of the CLEANSKY 2 by the European Commission to support the next clean aviation with more efficient aircrafts.


We work with our partners ISOJET and CORIMATEC for the implementation of compact machine/self-heating tooling. A system that is full of data collection to ensure real-time adaptative control and generation of datasets for data science and generation of models to study causal inferences among process parameters versus quality. Project is funded by Bpifrance.

All Projects described above have received funding from the following programs and entities EU HORIZON 2020 Program from EU Commission and BPI France



We partner with outstanding companies with proven record of supply of manufacturing equipment solutions for composite parts development, industrialisation and serial production applied to demanding markets such as Aerospace, Automotive, Railways, Wind Energy, among others. Thanks to this we have been able to work together and supply solutions to innovative worldwide companies, innovative SMEs, advanced research centers and universities



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